Make Atlanta into an International Arts Tourism Destination by transforming underserved communities to be self sustainable by creating hubs that improve the quality of life for community members using local partnerships and resources. BLOOM is A 501(c) organization.



Cherokee Rosewood

Cherokee Rosewood is a placemaking project that transforms the block of Jonesboro Road into an open-air museum featuring culturally uplifting murals. In partnership with Concrete Jungle, each green space will feature fruit trees and edible gardens to further nourish the surrounding community.

The end result is a beautiful space for the reflection, education, and inspiration of the local youth, with murals that reflect the community by showing African Americans larger than life in a state of grace, dignity and power.

01. private partnership –

We are developing partnerships with companies and entities that are moving towards the goal of investing in local communities so they might thrive from the creative and private investment in the potential of lower and middle class people. This tends to be traditionally people of color which will positively effected and sustained by these partnerships.


We are pulling in the best creative artists and consultants to create the best place for historically and socially relevant murals in one strip of land in The Lakewood Heights business district.

03. Crops

We are committed to partnering with various organizations with a focus on community gardens like Concrete Jungle to plant fruit trees and community gardens that compliment the public art work as well as provide a source of sustenance for the surrounding community. Think of it as a Serenbe for poor folk.


BLOOM works closely with legislators to keep the culture in check, with the goal of ownership remaining with those that bring value to the community, the people of Lakewood Heights. We put an emphasis on small local business owners versus franchise business, further anchoring the value of the community with its citizens.


“If you put up uplifting images of any people, they will start to see themselves differently.”

Fabian williams  |  Founder

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BLOOM started as an idea from artist Fabian Williams and writer Elisa Smith 5 years ago. After years of producing murals by Fabian in the city of Atlanta, and developing a body of work focused on social and political issues, a narrative was established for the need for public work that focused on people of color. Working with arts advocate Ash Nash of Powerhaus Creative, they in a twist of fate, created Kaeperbowl following the sudden demolition of a landmark mural of Colin Kaepernick in the West End, a historical Atlanta Neighborhood ride beside HBCU Morehouse, during the Black History Month, 2 days before the Super Bowl. Kaeperbowl went viral, competing with the Super Bowl 53’s ratings on social media platforms. As a result, Fabian and Ash raised $10000 in 2 days which was used to start BLOOM and paying the artists involved in Kaeperbowl.


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